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SCR & VFD systems service and training


Here are a few of our customers

Some of our notable projects:

Startup of the Hibernia platform,¬†including numerous prototype systems and programming of all drilling plc’s.

Seventh Mud Pump installation on the Hibernia rigs, with capabilities of assignment to either rig on board the platform.

Interface with Power Factor Controller add-on on Hibernia emergency buss.

Third party harmonic analysis of Jade Platform, with testing and supervision of additional filter installation.

Simultaneous startups of three prototype ac electric land rigs in UAE .

Power surveys for record extended reach wells, Hibernia platform.

Commissioning of almost all Ross Hill drilling prototypes between 1985 and 1997.

Repair of anchor winch tensioning systems for semi submersibles.

Commissioning of various prototype ship propulsion systems.

Power analysis for Hibernia platform for extended horizontal well; provided recommendations for power factor improvement and increased efficiency of platform power management.

Reconstruction of marine accidents and debugging of control and operational problems with the vessels and operators.

Analysis of recent turbine inefficiencies on an offshore platform with debugging of control problems and recommendations for improvements.