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If You Can’t Answer All of These Questions
You Need to Come to Our SCR School

Ross Hill Type Systems

1. If a two-motor triplex pump (Mud Pump, for example) cannot attain rated SPM, how do you determine whether it is a drive problem or a motor problem?

2. What is the most common cause of Sprocket Slip trips?

3. How do you know if one generator is in reverse kVar mode?

4. What is a kVar anyway, and why does it matter?

5. Offshore laundry machines, especially washing machines, have a high failure rate. How can you extend the life of the laundry machines on your rig?

6. How does the Motor Speed PC Board work?

7. What are the basic SCR checks you need to make before returning a repaired SCR Bridge to service?

Our SCR training involves almost 50% hands-on with our custom designed simulators.
We offer training on location for our customers on site.
We can ship our simulators to a localized training center to serve several rigs within a given geographical area.
We offer training at our location in Katy, Texas.

Our schools:

SCR Electricians School - 5 days.

SCR System Operators Course - 1 day
(for motormen, drillers, mechanics, supervisors, etc.)

Oscilloscope / Scopemeter Course - 1 day.

ABB Drive Course - 3 days.
(On-site only)

Click to Download our SCR Course Synopsis